What is the SkinStim Consumer Product?

Caution: Under Development Not Available for Sale Yet. Safety and Efficacy data from clinical studies are pending.

The SkinStim Consumer Product is the clinic quality bioelectric stimulation and LED light in a hand held portable device and a bioelectrically activated proprietary hydrogel based skin cream.

Our patented/patent pending bioelectric stimulator stimulates release of SDF1 a known stem cell homing factor, IGF1 known for DNA repair and Tropoelastin known to increase elasticity. Humans normal stop expressing tropoelastin after puberty. We have patented/patent pending the technology to turn that skin elasticity switch back on!

Just use the stimulator every other day for about 7 minutes over your face and about 3 more minutes around your eyes for a total of 10 minutes every other day and apply the bioelectric skin gel once every morning and once in the evening using the bioelectric stimulator for just 30 seconds each time to activate the active ingredients

Unmatched experience > The SkinStim team of researchers published their first organ regeneration study in 1989 (The Physiologist Kao Magovern) and their first bioelectric regeneration study in 1999 (Circulation S. Kanno) and have been working all that time on perfecting improvements to bioelectric + biologics based organ regeneration technologies including skin regeneration. No team has more experience with this combination.

Caution: Investigational use only at this time. Safety and efficacy for skin regeneration have not yet been proven in statistically significant randomized, double blinded controlled clinical trials yet to be either safe or effective.
Disclaimer: Not available for sale in the USA. Investigational device only. Not yet proven to be safe or effective in significantly powered controlled clinical studies. Only available for clinical studies where appropriate regulatory clearances have been obtained.