SkinStim offers the GosearTM Electroacupuncture Pen for @ home use after in-clinic treatments with our primary clinical use high precision bioelectric signaling bench top stimulator.

$50.00 each

With the GosearTM Electronic Acupuncture Pen Pen, you can easily get facial skin relaxation at home. It is painless and clean, without any pointed pins in it. Using this pen is safe and easy to work out by yourself. This pen provides superficial therapy of improving blood circulation and muscle tone which may help you achieve enhanced facial beautification. With Node therapy, you can get relaxation of tension which may help smooth out facial wrinkles.


  • Safe To Use: It is safe and easy to perform usage of this acupuncture pen. Once you read the manual and know about controls, you can start using it safely.
  • No Needles: There are no any pointing needles, just one acupuncture point on the pen which touches points on your facial skin and body and gives relaxation thus often improving the appearance of skin tone.
  • Dome Type: This pen is best suitable for superficial therapy and with that the pen provides health care as well as facial beautification.
  • Spheroidal: This shape is helpful for partial treatment and is applicable for quick and absolute relief in the pain.
    Focus Easily: With the point of the pen, you just have to focus on the points and then apply a little pressure there.
  • Use Contact Gel: By holding and pressing the pen, your skin might feel a little stinging sensation. If such happens, apply contact gel and then contact with the skin will be just fine.
  • Settings: As you start the pen, there are various settings for using a different amount of pressure, you can choose from Low, Medium, High, pressure.


  • Needle-Less Usage
  • Painless Acupuncture Reliever
  • Stress Reliever
  • Adjustable Controls
  • Three Modes Available
  • Easy to Use
  • Total Safe
  • Dome Type Head
  • Spheroidal
  • Mild pain relief.

The GosearTM Electronic Acupuncture Pen is straightforward and easy to use.